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Types of Pain


There are three main types of headaches: tension, migraine and cluster headaches. Each may have its own causes and symptoms. Migraine headaches differ from tension headaches in that the symptoms are usually restricted to one side of the head, and may be described as throbbing, moderate to severe pain.

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Joint & Muscle Pains

Muscle pain can commonly be felt in the upper back, lower back, neck and shoulders. Joint pain can affect one joint or more, and can be caused by arthritis, injury, overuse, bursitis (an inflammation or irritation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac that acts like a grease to reduce friction) and other conditions.

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Period Pain

For women, the menstrual cycle is the natural process that happens every month as the body prepares itself for pregnancy. During this time when the lining of the womb is being shed, it’s perfectly normal to experience some cramping pain in the lower abdomen. Occasionally, there may be some pain in the lower back and the top of your legs.

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Fever, Colds & Flu

Everyone gets a cold from time to time. More than 200 different viruses can cause a cold, but the rhinovirus is the most common culprit. Its symptoms typically include runny nose, coughing and sneezing. It is worth noting that a cold isn’t the same as the flu (influenza). Flu symptoms are more severe and can include a fever and shaking chills, aches and pains, lethargy and headaches.

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This occurs from inflammation of the central portion of the tooth called pulp. The pulp contains nerve endings that are very sensitive to pain. Inflammation to the pulp or may be caused by dental cavities, trauma, and infection. Your teeth may hurt because of an issue somewhere else in our bodies, called referred pain. For example, pain from the jaw may cause one to have symptoms of a toothache.

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Pain Due to Sore Throat

A sore throat can make it painful to eat and even talk. It brings scratchiness and irritation to the throat that can become worse when swallowing. Common causes of sore throats include a viral infection, such as a cold or the flu, or bacteria. Most sore throats are not serious, but severe symptoms can make it difficult to breathe.

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Pain & Fever in Kids

Pain and fever are frequent in infants and children of all ages. There is a range of reasons why children and babies can be in pain, the most common are headaches, stomach aches and growing pains. Fever, on the other hand, is a defence against infection. Your child’s body is raising its temperature to kill the germs. Babies and small children may also develop a low-grade fever after they have been vaccinated. Often, teething can also cause a mild fever.

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